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Venetian Masks

Prepare a piece of stiff card with a hole cut in the middle, slightly larger than the dimensions of the mask. Leaving space around the side, to support the mould with cups or similar objects.
Follow the instruction for mixing powder from the moulding and stone powder instructions.
On single moulds fill to the top of the cast, on double moulds fill 1cm from the top and press the second section together. Support the mould in the frame and allow to set.

To release the mould for a single cast gently press on the forehead of the moulds. On double moulds remove the back section and release by pressing the forehead. The edges can be sanded down by rubbing the cast on sandpaper. The eyes may be drilled out too if required. Allow the cast to be completely dry before decorating. This can be done with acrylic paints, glitter, sequins, feathers and ribbons