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Confectionary Instructions


Make sure that the moulds are clean, dry and grease free. Polish moulds with a little flour on a soft dry cloth. Be sure to remove all traces of flour before use.
Melt the cooking chocolate over a pan of simmering water, or use a safe bowl in a microwave. Stir the mixture until it is free flowing. Make sure no water gets into the chocolate as this may cause discoloring


When the chocolate is free flowing pour into the mould. Spread with the back of a spoon or by tipping the mould from side to side, until the surface is completely covered. Pour excess mixture back into the pan. Large moulds may need several layers of chocolate. Repeat the process until the thickness required is achieved. Place the mould in a cool place to set. To remove the chocolate from the mould, turn the mould over and gently tap the mould.
To make chocolate eggs, mould the two halves as above then with melted chocolate press the two sides together.


Fill the moulds to the desired level. Gently tap the sides of the moulds to release trapped air, which may cause air bubble. Leave the mould to set in a cool place. Turn the mould over and gently press the chocolate mould out.
Wash the mould in warm water with a little detergent, rinse and dry.